This box was constructed as a gift from cherry and walnut. The cherry was cut, dried, sawed, and planed in my hometown in Virginia then moved out west with me. The walnut was purchased locally in California. All mitered cuts were made using a sled on the table saw to ensure accuracy. The sides were cut in such a way that the grain continuously wraps around the box. The magnets are neodymium rare earth magnets that were epoxied into recesses. Careful attention was taken to ensure that each magnet was in the correct orientation so that the polarities were attracting each other. To open the compartment a firm pressure is applied to the left side of the lid which pivots the false bottom open. The inlay was cut from 16 ga. Sterling silver and epoxied into place. The box was finished with two coats of high gloss polyurethane then lightly sanded and wiped with mineral oil.