I am a graduate of Radford University with a bachelor of science in Technical Theatre.
I have a passion for tinkering and creating. If asked about my hobbies I will likely tell you about whatever project I am currently working on. When I discovered the world of technical theatre I was mesmerized by the ingenuity and mechanics that go into making a show come in under budget and on time.
I have worked in small theatres where pinching pennies is a necessity as well as in a state of the art theatre with fully automated scenery where no expense was spared. While I have an appreciation for both types of theatres I find the challenge of building something for little or nothing exciting.
I am very passionate about what I do and that shows in the finished product. I enjoy working with a range of materials including both wood and metal. While I am a carpenter and welder I also work with automation; both commercial systems and custom engineered ones.
In the past I have had the opportunity to create a tree that grew out of the stage, a remote controlled bed, a vomit machine, and even a fully robotic platform.